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CIS of Atlanta Parent Testimonial

It’s both an exciting and emotional time for parents who have sent their children off to college. We received this message from the Mother of recent CIS of Atlanta 2020 graduate, Jahir. She shared a message of gratitude for our very own Site Coordinator, (Charles R. Drew, Clayton County) Amanda Harrison. “ Communities in Schools of Atlanta has helped our family by helping Jahir. Ms. Harrison has gone above and beyond. She recruited him into this organization, assigned him a male mentor and mentored him herself, even AFTER COVID-19. She was on his case to complete his college applications and this is the part that makes me cry. She made sure Jahir received a “College Trunk,” which took such a

CIS of Atlanta 2020 Graduate Highlight

We received this message from Cross Keys High School Site Coordinator, Federica Teodori. "This is Jonathan Cross Keys HS class of 2020 graduate and winner of the 2019 Choose Success award. Johnathan was labeled, undocumented, overaged, under-credited, English-Learner, working student and to top it off, was affected by #COVID19 last May. But here he is, still standing. He was able to graduate thanks to his strong will and support of his CIS of Atlanta family. To top it off, Jessica M. Young, M.Ed and her Husband Jason (JessicaYoungFilms LLC) who met Jonathan during the filming of his Choose Success Award interview, kept in touch to serve as his mentor, and met up with him to give him a gradua

CIS of Atlanta Site Coordinator Testimony

Our Site Coordinators are our Super Heroes because they work the closest with our students, helping them in every way possible to reach their dreams. Take some time to read this testimony from our Columbia High School Site Coordinator, Mestophia Frame. You will be inspired as you learn about the real-life challenges our students are facing, and how our team works hard every day to support Atlanta students. CIS of Atlanta, Site Coordinator Mestophia Frame's Testimony This is a picture of the night I took my student, Mr. Whitehead (Columbia HS class of 2020) to dinner to celebrate him heading off to Albany State University. Mr. Whitehead struggled to get through high school, with mediocre gra


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