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CIS of Atlanta Site Coordinator Testimony

Our Site Coordinators are our Super Heroes because they work the closest with our students, helping them in every way possible to reach their dreams. Take some time to read this testimony from our Columbia High School Site Coordinator, Mestophia Frame. You will be inspired as you learn about the real-life challenges our students are facing, and how our team works hard every day to support Atlanta students.

CIS of Atlanta, Site Coordinator Mestophia Frame's Testimony

This is a picture of the night I took my student, Mr. Whitehead (Columbia HS class of 2020) to dinner to celebrate him heading off to Albany State University. Mr. Whitehead struggled to get through high school, with mediocre grades due to his challenges to survive after his Mom died during his High School journey. He understandably became lost, unfocused, and was seeking direction as he began a downward spiral in his life. To top it off, he had no consistent living situation living on friend's couches, and with his older sister who provided only temporary housing and support until he graduated High School.

Thankfully, I was able to work with this young man to keep him motivated and focused on changing his life circumstances in honor of his Mother. As graduation came closer to reality, he began to focus on going to college to become a Middle School Teacher. We applied to Albany State and he was accepted!

But there's a twist to this story. ASU recently rescinded his admission; because he could not get a parent signature on his financial aid documents. When I got the call from Mr. Whitehead, I knew we had to kick into action. He needed verification that he was functioning as an Independent person with no parental guidance, so I went to work contacting his high school Counselor (Mr. Alphonzo) and Admissions Rep (Mr. Andrews) at Columbia High School to clarify what we needed to do to resolve this. I can say with great confidence, relationships are important to getting what you need immediately for our students and families. Together, we were able to submit a letter to the University and Mr. Whitehead is back on track, heading to college.

This is a picture of us sharing a celebratory meal at one of his favorite spots (Red Lobster). Today, as he heads off to Albany State University, keep him in your thoughts and prayers and know we will be supporting him as a CIS of Atlanta Alumni.

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