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Support our Neighbors Most Impacted
by the COVID-19 Crisis 

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Support our Students
Most Impacted by
the COVID-19 Crisis 

Communities in Schools of Atlanta Emergency Fund

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, our youth are reeling from school closures and uncertainty about what school will look like this fall. Students and their families are feeling the drastic toll that the pandemic is taking on health and economic stability for vulnerable populations. They are wrestling with issues of systemic racial inequities that have been entrenched in our culture for far too long and have been thrust into the national spotlight by current events. With all of these disruptions to their education and their lives, that summer “slide” could too easily become a “plummet” without swift and effective intervention.

Youth from low-income households are more likely to lack the computers and internet access they need to complete their school work. The digital divide is not a new concept. However, this issue leaped into the foreground this past March when schools were forced to close their campuses and shift to virtual learning to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The school closures only added to the difficulties our most vulnerable students face as they struggle to receive a quality education.

This has been an exceedingly stressful spring and summer for both our youth and their families as they have grappled with social isolation and lack of contact with their usual support networks, the daunting challenges of homeschooling in the midst of a crisis, economic insecurity, health risks, worldwide protests bringing heightened focus on racial injustices, and more. Youth notice and react to stress and anxiety in their home and their environment, and they struggle with changes to their routines that threaten their sense of security. While so far youth appear to be less at risk for actually contracting COVID-19, they are very vulnerable to the emotional impact of traumatic events that disrupt their daily lives. If there is hope of recovering from the anticipated COVID-19 learning slide in the coming school year, parents must be in a strong position to support their children, and youth must have a healthy social and emotional foundation to support their path towards academic success.

For $5000  Help us close the digital divide by supporting the purchase of TWELVE devices for students in need.

For $1000  Provide assistance for summer assessments to help with urgent student needs before school starts.

For $500  Provide a family and individual mental health support system for TWELVE families.

For $250  Provide utility assistance to ensure homes are powered to charge a student’s digital device.

For $25  Provide a grocery store gift card to ONE family in need. 

Donate to the community most in need today.







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