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CIS of Atlanta 2020 Graduate Highlight

We received this message from Cross Keys High School Site Coordinator, Federica Teodori.

"This is Jonathan Cross Keys HS class of 2020 graduate and winner of the 2019 Choose Success award. Johnathan was labeled, undocumented, overaged, under-credited, English-Learner, working student and to top it off, was affected by #COVID19 last May.

But here he is, still standing. He was able to graduate thanks to his strong will and support of his CIS of Atlanta family. To top it off, Jessica M. Young, M.Ed and her Husband Jason (JessicaYoungFilms LLC) who met Jonathan during the filming of his Choose Success Award interview, kept in touch to serve as his mentor, and met up with him to give him a graduation gift.

Thank You Jessica and Jason! Congratulations Jonathan! We are so proud of you! If you would like to support our important work, make a donation to our CIS of Atlanta Emergency Fund today.

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