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Recent Georgia State University Research Confirms Why We Need Programs Like CIS of Atlanta

When students perform poorly in school, it’s common practice to pull them from beneficial extracurricular activities, sports for example, instead of providing academic support. Why is that? In a recent study by Georgia State University, researchers have confirmed that preventing students from continuing these activities greatly increases their chances of dropping out. These students often have tough home lives and lack resources needed to succeed academically. Instead of punishing them for what they don’t have, creating a solid support and empowerment system could not only keep them in school but also help them excel in life. CIS of Atlanta works to address these barriers in local schools by providing guidance to struggling students who have issues with poor attendance and behavior, low levels of parental involvement, limited exposure to academic and career enrichment opportunities, and a lack of access to basic necessities. By building relationships and mobilizing community resources, CIS serves young people and families of Atlanta in Clayton, DeKalb, Fulton County, and Atlanta public schools, working to create a successful environment where students are encouraged to be better rather than punished for not making the cut. Having recently been awarded $92K by Fulton County’s Communities Services Program, CIS isn’t slowing down anytime soon as we look towards expanding on the 60 schools we currently support. For more information on how you can help our cause, click here.

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