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CIS of Atlanta Alumni Association Student Finds A Way to Make A Way

Upon graduating from Creekside High School in 2019, CIS of Atlanta student Jalen Harris was met with a financial challenge with paying for tuition at Clark Atlanta University.

After successfully completing his first semester of his freshman year, Jalen decided to enroll in the Army Reserve as an opportunity to gain more experience in leadership as well as benefit from the tuition assistance that the military provides.

Jalen has been stationed in Columbus, GA. He recently graduated from AIT (Advanced Individual Training) and is officially PFC (Private First Class) in the Army Reserve.

Jalen has recently returned to Clark Atlanta University with his tuition paid in full. He is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in criminal justice.

His former site coordinator, Toriano Parker, says, "I am so proud of this young man. This moment is indicative that the work doesn’t stop after graduation."

We wish you continued success, Jalen! #highschoolisnotenough


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