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A Glimpse into Why We Celebrate Success

The 2017-2018 school year is over and we are excited for the futures of our students, families and staff. Like previous years, this recent school year came with a lot of hurdles, but at Communities In Schools of Atlanta we were equipped to handle the problems students faced. We instilled in them that hard work, dedication, consistency and effort will put them on a path of success. When our students graduate high school and join the workforce, the economy is stimulated leading to greater opportunities and economic conditions in Metro Atlanta.

Below are some accomplishments that contributed to our success:

-This past school year we increased our reach and are now in 65 schools. This number continues to increase year after year. As we move into more schools, more students receive support to overcome personal and academic barriers.

-We served over 4,400 students directly, providing academic assistance, behavior intervention, case management, college and career preparation, basic needs assistance and help with social-emotional learning.

-We served over 28,000 students indirectly throughout whole school districts by developing enrichment and motivational programming for all students to enjoy.

-All in all we provided over 112,000 hours of direct service to students and over 26,000 hours of academic assistance.

-We engaged over 4,300 parents through case-managed supports. We support parents so they are successful and therefore can encourage their children. Students can’t do it alone. At CIS of Atlanta we are committed to healthy and happy families.

These statistics would not be possible without our site coordinators. They are the critical components in providing wonderful services to schools, students and parents. Because of them, many students are going places with their life.

“I thank God I joined the CIS program. If it wasn’t for the program I probably would be locked up. My site coordinator changed my whole demeanor. She inspires me. Now I want to go to college and become a surgeon.”

This quote from one of our high school students is just one example showing the enormous impact we have on our students. One less young adult in jail means one more student who will succeed in life and make a difference in the future.

Be a part of our students’ success! Get involved this school year, donate and become part of the solution.

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