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CIS of Atlanta Contributes to Major Gains in Metro Atlanta Schools

Communities in Schools of Atlanta works with diligence, persistence, and passion every single day to build a better education system in our city and help Atlanta youth achieve success. When contributing to organizations such as CIS Atlanta, most people desire hard evidence of the impact they are having on their community. CIS Atlanta by no means just “talks the talk.” Thanks to the results of the 2017 Georgia Milestones, CIS is proud to say with confidence that we “walk the walk” and truly have an impact on the youth of Atlanta.

This past July, the 2017 Georgia Milestones showed significant gains in Atlanta Public Schools testing. Superintendent Meria Castarphen declared that these results were clear proof of the hard work Atlanta was going to turn the school system around. A total of 57 Atlanta schools (two-thirds of the entire school district!) demonstrated improved test performance, predominantly due to organizations like Communities in Schools. To read more of the results and statistics from the 2017 Georgia Milestones, click here. In addition to significant improvement in test scores, the state has also shown an increase in graduation rates. The Georgia Department of Education recently released graduation rates over the past four years, which showed a whopping 35.15 percent increase in Clayton County Public Schools graduation rates over the past six years. According to these same statistics, this is the first year Georgia graduation rates have surpassed 80 percent since new federal laws went into effect in 2011. By providing support both in and out of the classroom as well as identifying and addressing barriers that prevent students from succeeding, CIS site coordinators create a better learning environment for underprivileged students and help empower them to realize their full potential. These interactions have a direct impact on students’ testing abilities and enable students to graduate from high schools and even further their educations by attending college. As Atlanta expands into an even more incredible city, its youth grow into more successful, capable, and distinguished young people thanks to organizations such as Communities in Schools. We cannot wait for years to come to see more improvements in the Atlanta Public School System! You can learn more about the CIS process here.

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