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We are chronically failing, but it's not our schools

Saporta Report, an online news source that shares insights about Atlanta and beyond, recently featured our Op-Ed "We are chronically failing, but it's not our schools." This Op-Ed was inspired and created after Governor Nathan Deal released an updated list of 153 chronically failing schools. "As the headlines come and go about our current political climate and the state of our international relations, our students are dying. Several weeks ago, two metro Atlanta students were killed by senseless gun violence. Violence in communities where we live and work is on the rise. Teachers and administrators are trained in self-defense tactics to ensure their safety as they work in communities plagued by the violence that poverty makes more likely." Read the full Op-Ed on Saporta Report's Guest Column *Photo above: Atlanta students joined in a rally at the Capitol in 2015 to urge lawmakers to support schools identifed as ‘chronically failing.’

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