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DeKalb County Board Member Shows Gratitude for Site Coordinator

Darrell is our Site Coordinator at Stone Mountain High School where he spends his time making an impact on his students and the community. When Rigo, Deputy Director of Programs, made a visit to Darrell to deliver a self-care basket as a token of appreciation for his hard work, he was met with gratitude from some of the staff. Mr. Diijon DaCosta, Board Member of DeKalb County School District, spoke to Rigo about the great work he sees Darrell do every day and how much Communities In Schools of Atlanta means to the school district.

Additionally, the Head Security Officer of Stone Mountain High School let Rigo know that students come to school engaged, motivated, and excited because of Darrell and his support to all of the students.

Thank you for your hard work, Darrell! We are glad to hear that the community sees what we already know about our wonderful team of Site Coordinators!

Photographed from left to right: Darrell, Board Member DaCosta, Rigo


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