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CIS of Atlanta Site Coordinator Provides Desks for Students Learning Virtually

“Dedicated to go above and beyond” is how the principal of Feldwood Elementary School, Ms. Harris, describes Christen, our Site Coordinator at the Fulton County school.

Virtual learning has proven to be a challenge for many of our families as they continue to create productive learning environments at home. One mother reached out to Feldwood to ask for a desk for her child to use at home. The school passed this request to Christen to see if this were something that CIS of Atlanta could provide. Coincidentally, Danielle, our Site Coordinator at Asa G. Hilliard Elementary School, mentioned to our team that she was receiving a donation of school items, so Christen joined her in picking up those items.

In the end, Christen received four student desks and chairs, two desktop computer sets, and two keyboards. She delivered the desk and chair (and snack packs!) to the family, and when the parent asked for an additional set for her other student, Christen returned the same day to deliver another desk and chair. Christen says that the other two desks and computers will be put in the Feldwood CIS Room where other students can use them when needed.

Our Site Coordinators show us every day that they are all in for our kids!


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