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CIS of Atlanta Site Coordinator Delivers Hotspots

When our students had to switch to virtual learning back in March, we discovered a great need for laptops and hotspots. Unfortunately, that need has hit our low-income communities the hardest as many are still awaiting the necessary technology.

Since the beginning of this pandemic, we have set up a COVID-19 Emergency Fund to help better serve our students and families during these unprecedented times. As of now, we have distributed over 300 laptops and hotspots to our students.

Federica, our Site Coordinator at Cross Keys High School, has made deliveries to our students to make certain that they have proper internet access in order to attend classes online and complete their schoolwork.

We are still accepting donations to our COVID-19 Emergency Fund. Your gift will help ensure that more of our students are able to access their coursework and not fall behind in school.

Please visit to donate today.


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