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CIS of Atlanta CEO Participates in Georgia Tech Engage Symposium

Last week, our CEO, Frank Brown, was one of the featured speakers for Georgia Tech’s Engage Symposium. This event was a moderated conversation between Frank and a current Georgia Tech student, Taylor.

Frank discussed his leadership philosophy of taking care of the community you serve, your employees, and the customers of the organization. He also spoke about proactive communication, listening more than you speak, and having credibility and consistency as a leader.

Frank states, “I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation and the dialogue with my moderator. I enjoyed sharing my knowledge and life’s journey with the Georgia Tech family. It is good to engage the youth and future leaders of tomorrow. Moreover, I look forward to continuing to engage and encourage the students and faculty at Georgia Tech to help my colleagues and I at CIS of Atlanta close the wide achievement gap in reading and math for kids of color in the Atlanta metro area. CIS of Atlanta also wants to create a real pipeline for qualified CIS of Atlanta students to gain admittance and earn degrees from Georgia Tech, which will ensure they become full participants in the American dream.”

Thank you to Georgia Tech’s Center for Student Engagement for allowing CIS of Atlanta to be a part of the Engage Symposium. We are appreciative of this opportunity.

Watch Frank's conversation, How is a Community of Support Built?", here:


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