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CIS Atlanta Site Coordinators Deliver Pizzas for Perfect Attendance 🍕

With students adjusting to the new world of virtual learning, our site coordinators are there to ensure that they are still attending classes and participating every day.

Eric White and La'Vonna Taylor, our site coordinators at Brown Middle School, arranged for our students with perfect attendance to receive pizza! Perfect attendance meant no tardies and no absences since the first day of school as well as being present and engaged during class.

Some students lived in areas where delivery was not available, so our site coordinators delivered these pizzas personally. They were able to provide a pizza party at home for 6 eight graders, 1 seventh grader, and 2 sixth graders along with their families.

This will be an ongoing event each month for students who are actively engaging in online learning. We are eager to see what next month's reward will be!

Thank you, Mr. White and Ms. Taylor! 😋


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