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BET Partnership Allowed CIS of Atlanta to Provide COVID-19 Emergency Funds to Atlanta Families

The partnership between BET, United Way of Greater Atlanta, and Communities In Schools of Atlanta has been instrumental in allowing us to provide emergency funds to Atlanta families during this crisis.

Ms. B. Porter was forced to move out of her home when she was laid off from her job in March due to COVID-19. She had to move her family into an extended stay hotel. While staying there, she met a family that had received support from Communities In Schools of Atlanta who told her to contact us for help. Ms. Porter reached out and we were able to help her family move out of the hotel and into a more stable rental home.

Ms. Porter says, "Communities in Schools of Atlanta helped me through this whole process and was patient with me. I was able to save enough money to pay the deposit for my apartment and then the emergency rental assistance covered all of my move-in expenses. I am so thankful that CIS of Atlanta was there for me and my family because the financial hardship and stress caused by COVID-19 have not been easy.

My family now has a new home and my job called me back to work last week. Communities In Schools of Atlanta, I can't thank you enough because today I have my independence back!"

Special thanks to our partners, BET and United Way of Greater Atlanta for supporting our efforts in such an impactful way. There's still time to give and make a difference by making a donation to our Emergency Fund today!

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