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CIS of Atlanta “Choose Success” Project Creates Opportunities for Art & Positivity

CIS of Atlanta, Frederick Douglass High School student Support Coach, Jasmine Guitroz, says when a student came to her office and saw her artwork, the inspiration to create a painting activity for students was born. The students called their activity, “ Painting the School with Positivity.”

Jasmine says, “Our team thought this would be a good idea and could address improving the overall school climate. Students had to pick encouraging words out of a cup and then paint their interpretation of the word. The words the students selected from were Hope, Peace, Determined, Love, Confidence, Empowering, and Dream.”

As you can see, the students used this activity to express themselves and also completed journal entries to help them reflect on their artistic experience. One student wrote “I felt like my painting is telling people no matter how bad things get you always have hope. That’s why I named my painting “ It always rains before the rainbow”. Wow!

Artwork will be displayed around the school and there will be a “meet the artist session” so students can articulate the meaning behind their paintings. Special thanks to the CIS of Atlanta Frederick Douglass team, Jasmine, Jessica, and Alphonso for doing great work with our students.

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