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On the Frontline! CIS of Atlanta Team Works with Local Charity to Have 500 Pairs of Shoes Donated to

Site Coordinator, Shirkia Spearman, worked with Samaritan's Feet and Thrive Financial to give every student at Boyd Elementary a new pair of shoes and socks.

Shirkia says, “Every child at the school received a brand new pair of shoes and socks. This effort was so important because there were several students who had on shoes two or three sizes too small, too big or did not have on socks at all. To see the smiles on their faces was priceless. To top it off, every student had their own moment with a volunteer who listened and made them feel special.”

Shirkia, thank you for working hard to get our children the resources they need to look their best while focusing on their studies.

We also want to thank Phil from Samaritan's Feet and Thrive Financial for making such a great investment into our CIS of Atlanta students, and CIS team members, Rebecca, Demarcus, Marvin, Caprice, Kim, Charmaine and Mia for supporting these efforts.

Click here if you missed the news coverage of this story on CBS46 Atlanta.

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