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“Feel Good Monday” - CIS of Atlanta Site Coordinator Goes Beyond the Call of Duty for a Heritage Ele

CIS of Atlanta Site Coordinators are consistently meeting the needs of our students. Site Coordinators bring community services into the schools to ensure our students have every opportunity to succeed. Our Site Coordinators are a dedicated team who personally support our students as well. When our students are in need our team members answer the call.

Felton Hodges, Site Coordinator at Heritage Elementary noticed a student needed new shoes. He sent an email to his colleagues at CIS of Atlanta and minutes later- fellow Site Coordinator Richard Gaines of Mundy Mills High School, purchased the shoes with his own funds. We salute our team members for collaborating to meet the needs of our students.

Thank you to everyone involved for being part of the CIS of Atlanta village. At CIS of Atlanta, we understand the complex needs of our students and we can’t wait to make them smile. Our Site Coordinators are making a positive impact daily, sometimes it's as simple as saying hello or purchasing a pair of new shoes that will brighten their day.

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