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CIS of Atlanta Announces Choose Success 2021 Outstanding Students

During Choose Success, we honored Outstanding Students from our elementary, middle, and high schools as well as our MAAC program. This year's recipients are Cali Powell (Parklane Elementary School), Terrell Watts (Price Middle School), Beverly Calderon-Castillo (Cross Keys High School), and Kayla Carter (Westlake High School).

Outstanding Elementary School Student - Cali Powell, Parklane Elementary School

Cali has consistently faced immeasurable odds. For years, she has been faced with homelessness and moving from place to place all while maintaining excellent grades. Cali's teacher states that she is a self-directed learner and has made major improvements with her writing.

Outstanding Middle School Student - Terrell Watts, Price Middle School

Terrell is showing growth in every area; he attends every class regularly and on time and expresses the desire to pass all classes with high 80s and 90s. Additionally, Terrell shows so much excitement when receiving incentives for attendance and academics. His attitude and disposition are positive and pleasant. He thanked Site Coordinator, Ms. Hardy, and his mom for believing in him.

Outstanding High School Student - Beverly Calderon-Castillo, Cross Keys High School

Beverly is demonstrating her commitment to her future success in school and in life by showing passion and perseverance in all that she does. She gives 100% during the virtual school day and works as a babysitter and for a landscaping company during the weekends.

Beverly states, “I want to be the first high school graduate in the family. Upon graduation, I plan to apply for a job at Wells Fargo as it will allow me to save some money to go to college and study for a career as an immigration attorney. I pray to God everything will turn out to be okay!”

Outstanding MAAC Student - Kayla Carter, Westlake High School

Kayla’s future goal is to be a nurse. Kayla has received acceptance letters from Valdosta State University, Georgia Southern University, and Georgia State University. Kayla was very excited to be accepted into The Success Academy Program at Georgia State University where she will begin in the summer of 2021.

Kayla stated, “I can always count on Mrs. Robinson for support, whether it’s school related or life! I love Mrs. Robinson and know she is always in my corner even when my family and other support are not. I just love when she gets in her mama mode."

Join us in congratulating these students who have continued to choose success this year!

Top: Terrell and Kayla

Bottom: Cali and Beverly


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