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Home Visits to Encourage Students during Virtual Learning

Federica, our site coordinator at Cross Keys High School, went to visit some of her students with a school mentor, Ms. Ella.

The purpose of the visit was to motivate them, to communicate their teacher's feedback, to check in with them, and to also remind them the importance of attending their online classes and submitting their homework.

She brought them some bags with school supplies such as notebooks, crayons, pens and pencils, colored pencils, USB flash drives, sticky notepads, file folders, 2 granola bars, and packets of Kool-Aid!

Reflection from Federica: Home visits allows us to develop a closer relationship with parents and students and helps me get to know the kids in their own places with all the challenges related with family life. It also gives the students another confirmation of the level of investment that we have in them and their academic success!

With virtual learning becoming the new normal, she will be making more visits at home during the next month.

Thank you for your commitment to these students, Federica! Your students are lucky to have you!


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