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CIS of Atlanta Site Coordinator Helps Students “Fall in Love with Learning”

Shirkia, our Site Coordinator at Boyd Elementary School, created another great perfect attendance incentive.

Attendance is one of their school-wide goals at Boyd Elementary. The transition to virtual learning has not changed the importance of this. By the end of September, 137 students accepted the challenge and logged in every day and remained engaged in learning. Shirkia wanted her students to “fall in love with learning,” and that helped build the fall-themed van this time.

She gave her students mini pumpkins to decorate which allowed them to tap into their expressive side while enjoying their incentive bags.

She states, “As a member of the CARE Team, I work collaboratively to make sure our students are being their ‘Boyd Best.’ We work hard to make sure students are logging in every day. Therefore, when it’s time to incentive, we are excited to see our ‘heart’ work paying off. Data really talks, and I look forward to helping my school meet their goals each month.”

Check out the fall themed van and CIS pumpkin painted by Shirkia herself!


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