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All in for Kids on Georgia Gives Day

This year, two successful campaigns centered on raising awareness and funds for nonprofit organizations are joining forces – combining GA Gives Day with #GivingTuesday. Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, #GivingTuesday kicks off the charitable season when many people focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving. GA Gives Day, also rooted in the Thanksgiving season, has raised more than $13.5 million in donations for nearly 2,700 Georgia nonprofits since it began in 2012. Led by the Georgia Center for Nonprofits, the GA Gives Day initiative maintains a free online fundraising platform and helps teach and mobilize everyone with a stake in the community – organizations, corporate sponsors, government agencies, media partners and citizens – to raise awareness and support for nonprofits. We believe that one of the best ways to get involved is right here, in your own community. Show your love for local nonprofits this November 28th by giving a little – and together, we’ll do a lot for the organizations we care about. Whether you can donate ten dollars or ten thousand, it all adds up to an incredible day of support for the nonprofits that meet urgent needs, enrich lives and build thriving communities.

Communities In Schools (CIS) of Atlanta relies on civic and government sources of support, businesses, foundations, corporations and generous individuals like you to operate our award-winning programs for Atlanta’s most vulnerable students. Each year, we must raise more than $2 million from these private sources of support to sustain our programs. When you donate to CIS of Atlanta on GA Gives Day, you are investing in a child’s education and their hope for the future. We serve more than 4,000 students in 65 schools by building strong relationships with students, parents and educators. Our full-time Site Coordinators work in our schools to serve as a trusted adult and role model for our students. This allows us to identify students' challenges and mobilize community support to overcome obstacles. We offer wraparound support for all of our students including: grief counseling, a food pantry, home visits, uniform assistance, healthcare resources and college application help. For every dollar you invest in CIS, $11.60 worth of economic benefits are created for the community. Your donation can help provide our students with the five basics every child needs and deserves: 1. A one-on-one relationship with a caring adult 2. A safe place to learn and grow 3. A healthy start and a healthy future 4. A marketable skill to use upon graduation 5. A chance to give back to peers and community

Among the students that received our services during the 2016-2017 school year, we saw: • 92% graduated or were promoted to the next grade – more than 8 percent higher than the state average. • 92% stayed in school. • 93% improved their behavior. • 85% experienced a lack of parental involvement and relied on our site coordinators as a trusted adult. Many of our students face challenges that put into perspective the enormous accomplishment that the statistics above indicate and would be impossible for many adults to ever achieve if dealt the same hand. They face traumas daily like food insecurities, drug or alcohol abuse from caregivers, clothing and basic necessity needs and even homelessness. Yet, their resiliency is tremendous. When we asked our students about our model, they said: • 99% felt that they would graduate from high school. • 93% felt that they developed goals for the future. • 85% were more self-assured and had a better self-image – impacting the psyche of a student is priceless. We believe that when the needs of students are met, they can be free to learn and teachers can be free to teach. Are you ready to help kids succeed in school and strengthen our communities? Please consider a gift to us to show how you are #AllInForKids and support our campaign on GA Gives Day & #GivingTuesday. To donate, visit To see our impact on the Atlanta community, follow along with us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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