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Sponsor One Student, Change a Life


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CIS of Atlanta

Site Coordinator, Eric White

I reached out to others to assist us; however, the results were unfavorable. Mr. White made it a point to take quality time out for Journey to understand and guide her. As expected, he was the perfect choice to coach her confidence and empower her esteem! Journey has learned life lessons and regained her identity due to the conversations shared with and support received by Mr. White at J.E. Brown Middle School." 

 - Kaya Mason, CIS of Atlanta Parent 

Mr. Eric White is an amazing, awesome, cool, inspiring, smart man. He has helped my classmates and me in situations that have involved girl drama. We really needed that guidance to help us get back on track. Furthermore, he has helped me gain more confidence and knowledge to be the young lady that I am today." 

- Journey Murry
CIS of Atlanta Student 

My role within the school is vital for the students and families we serve. It takes a dynamic team of partners and support systems to meet the challenges within our schools and communities. We are on the front lines each and every day. Our ability to reach students and families where they are provides a sense of belonging to those we serve.” 

- Eric White
CIS of Atlanta Site Coordinator

We can each do our part to help change the lives of Atlanta students by investing in one student's path to success for 1 year. It costs $1,437 each
year to serve a student and help them stay on the right path to working
hard in school and help them stay in school and succeed in life.

Proud Board Member, Yglesias Hollins of Coca-Cola Enterprises, Spearheads Annual Fund efforts