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CIS of Atlanta Site Coordinator Hosts College Fair for High School Students

Site Coordinator Quintin Avery hosted the 4th Annual College Fair at Forest Park High School. This event was open to all students at Forest Park and other Clayton County Site Coordinators brought students from Charles Drew, Mundy's Mill, North Clayton, and Riverdale High School. We also got younger students involved to give them some inspiration for the future by inviting Harper Elementary School Students. There were more than 25 schools in attendance and we also had military representation. The good news is, our students were excited to see there are opportunities for them to attend college and some were accepted on the spot receiving scholarship money. Some schools in Attendance: Benedict

CIS Phoenix Academy Students are Learning Gardening and Sustainability

Choose Success project, "A Taste of Life: Healthy Habits and Healthy Minds" was created to teach the students that gardening can inspire you to take an interest in the origin of your food and can help with making better choices about what you put on your plate. Phoenix Academy Site Coordinator, Ms. Mullins says, “Gardening offers many opportunities to improve one's life by providing an indoor or outdoor experience and exercise and an excellent time to relax and engage with others.” During the next phase of the project, students will get to visit a master gardener's site, Souper Jenny's in West Midtown to attend a workshop and training from a master gardener. Thank you, Ms. Mullins, for creat

CIS of Atlanta Students Made Sure Deployed Troops Were Remembered on Valentine’s Day

Students from Brown Middle School decided to make deployed US troops the focus of their Choose Success project. 99 students participated by creating hand-written and decorated greeting cards that included a candy treat along with a blank card and addressed envelope that each military personnel could use to write the student back. We are thankful our students have a heart for the women and men who fight for our country. Special thanks to Ms. LaVonna Taylor, Brown Middle School Site Coordinator for helping the students create such an impactful project.

Read CIS of Atlanta, CEO Frank Brown's Latest Saporta Report Article

"You’re nothing but a poverty pimp!" That’s not an attack I would expect to be leveled against me, much less at a gathering of metro Atlanta leaders. While said in a moment of anger, it was a teachable moment for me and others who witnessed the ill-informed outburst. I begin my thought leadership article in the February edition of the Saporta Report with that quote to highlight my journey to building equity for all Metropolitan Atlanta children. This won't be the last article I share. I participate in a monthly Saporta Report thought-leadership column called "The Guardians of Atlanta's Future" allowing me to share my journey to building equity for all Metropolitan Atlanta children. Click on

CIS of Atlanta Site Coordinator Creates New Program for Teens Based off Escape Room Concept

Quintin Avery partnered with Forest Park High School’s counseling team to create an Escape Room experience for students, but with a twist. Their version had four rooms that focused on different challenges for the students to solve, but each room focused on some social or emotional issues students could face on a daily basis. Quintin says, “Watching our students solve these real-life problems as a team was inspiring. It gave them an outlet to discuss issues that affect them and their peers. This was a trial run, but I look forward to implementing this experience on a county level with other site coordinators.”

CIS of Atlanta Students Bring Their Visions for the Future to Life During Inspirational Social Event

CIS of Atlanta, Riverdale High School students started the year off right, taking some time to envision their future by creating vision boards. This exercise allowed them to capture their short-and long-term goals for the year. To top it off, they got a chance to eat ice cream while socializing with other CIS of Atlanta students. Special thanks to Site Coordinator, Emily Thompson for creating such a fun event for the students.

City of Atlanta Police Detective Partners with Local Barbershops and Schools to Mentor Community You

The program is called, “Clippers and Cops” and it’s a mentoring initiative started by City of Atlanta Police Detective, Tyrone Dennis. It originally started in Barbershops around the city, but Detective Dennis expanded his outreach program to local schools. Detective Dennis is an ATF officer, dealing with some of the most dangerous gangs and people in the city. He likes to share his story and bring in other ex-offenders who have been down the wrong path, but were able to change their lives for the better. Thank you Detective Dennis for your dedication to these young people and thank you, CIS of Atlanta, Site Coordinator Quintin Avery for being so invested in our community.

Welcome Rey!

Meet our new National President & CEO Rey Saldaña and learn about his incredible journey from former CIS of San Antonio student to Communities In Schools leader. Click here to learn more about our new President & CEO.

CIS of Atlanta Students Volunteer at Food Bank

CIS of Atlanta Students Volunteer at Food Bank 8th grade CIS of Atlanta Students from Hollis Academy volunteered at the Atlanta Food Bank to help pack care packages for seniors. The students took their volunteer duties seriously as they helped packaged more than 5,000 pounds of food. The students had a great time and are looking forward to doing more volunteer work. Thank you, Site Coordinator, Charmaine Sanders for creating volunteer opportunities for our students and showing them how to become servant leaders in their community.

CIS of Atlanta High School Students Create Coat Drive for Choose Success Project

Forest Park High School students decided to do a Coat Drive for students and families in need, in their own school. They noticed some of their peers weren’t wearing coats in the school building, and heard one student say, “they don't like wearing coats," but realized in reality the student didn't have one. They immediately took action and began planning their drive and started collecting coats daily in the school cafeteria. After several weeks, they collected more than 30 coats. The event was truly a success because a family from Charles Drew High School who had lost everything in a house fire benefited by receiving several coats for their children. The students were excited about the impact

CIS of Atlanta Students Create Choose Success Project to Help Other Children

4th grade students from M. Agnes Jones Elementary wanted to help other children, so they came up with making no-sew blankets for the organization, “Project Linus,” which provides love, a sense of security, warmth and comfort through blankets to children 0 – 18 years old who are seriously ill or traumatized. The students, an all girl team, took this project seriously. They met in November and decided on what they wanted to do to help other children. They met five times to work on this project, and In total, they donated eight blankets to a local Project Linus chapter. When asked what they thought about this project, one of the students said, “I learned that a 5th grader from our school has a

CIS of Atlanta School Tackles Youth Vaping Issue

Cross Keys High School is providing continuous education to students about the dangers of vaping. They created a program to work with students who receive in-house suspension due to vaping and meet every week for an hour with an educator from Caron Treatment Center. The treatment center has created a program called Project Connect, a smoking cessation program. The group in this picture received their certificate of completion. We are proud of them for successfully completing this important class.

CIS of Atlanta CEO Mentors Elementary School Scholars During Inspirational Program

Our CIS of Atlanta CEO Frank Brown always finds time to visit the schools we serve and mentor students. Recently, Frank inspired youth at M. Agnes Jones Elementary while serving on a panel of African-American male leaders during the Men of Impact program. The men shared messages of hope and talked about the importance of investing in education to create success in the future. In addition, Site Coordinator Karen Robertson said, “Frank's message was powerful, energetic and very inspiring and we thank him for making himself available whenever asked to pour into our young people.” Special thanks to Karen Robertson, Site Coordinator at M.A. Jones for all you to do to create quality programming in

CIS of Atlanta Honors Black History Trailblazers in Education

Anna J. Cooper (August 10, 1858 – February 27, 1964) was one of the most prominent African-American scholars in U.S. history. Born into slavery in 1858, Cooper triumphed against the odds of gender and race to receive a world-class education, ultimately earning her Ph.D. in history from the Sorbonne University in Paris in 1924. That accomplishment made Cooper the fourth African-American woman to earn a doctoral degree. Cooper, who made contributions to social science fields, particularly in sociology, is sometimes called "the mother of Black Feminism."

CIS of Atlanta Team Encourages Parent Involvement with Monthly “Moms with Muffins” Event

One of our keys to success is working hard to build relationships with parents to help keep our students on track. We call it the “trifecta” for success because the work it takes to help our youth reach better futures is a team effort. The team at Love T. Nolan Elementary hosts a monthly event called “Moms with Muffins,” and it’s a great time for families to get to know one another and the school’s administration. Special thanks to Dr. Angela D. Williams, Site Coordinator at Nolan Elementary for helping the school create a spirit of community.

CIS of Atlanta Cross Keys High School Students Receive Consistent Mentoring to Keep them on Track

We are thankful for “Young Lives Atlanta” for consistently mentoring our freshmen high school girls twice a month during lunch. The group talks about self-esteem, how to reach goals and general life skills. Consistency is the key to having an impact on young lives and we can’t thank your team enough for building relationships and sharing life knowledge with our teens. Special thanks to our Cross Keys Site Coordinator, Federica Teodori who spends countless hours coordinating positive programs for our students.

CIS of Atlanta Documentary “Beating the Odds” Accepted into Charlotte Black Film Festival!

We are humbled and honored that our documentary, “Beating the Odds” has received national attention from the independent film festival community. It will be an honor to showcase our film at the 10th Annual Charlotte Black Film Festival on the weekend of April 23rd, 2020, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Beating the Odds highlights the trials our students face and the life-changing mission of CIS of Atlanta. The compelling story highlights the students we serve, along with our CEO, Frank Brown’s story about overcoming challenges to become the leader he is today. Special thanks to our visionary filmmakers, Jessica & Jason Young who helped us tell our story in such a compelling way, Frank Brown fo

CIS of Atlanta Celebrates Black History Month

In order to inspire our youth to see a brighter future, we must help them learn about the past. Black History Month is a time for the African-American community to remember what their Ancestors accomplished during their fight for freedom. It's also a time for the community-at-large to learn more about the many innovative contributions African-Americans have made to our global society. We will be sharing stories of some of these trailblazers throughout the month. Join us on this journey to honor those who fought against injustice to create opportunities for so many.

CIS of Atlanta Students Rewarded with Trip to Georgia Aquarium

Students from Woodland Middle School were rewarded with a trip to the Aquarium for getting good grades in their first school semester. Site Coordinator, Robyn Carson says she was able to take 27 students on the field trip to experience the wonders of oceanic life. What an awesome experience for our students who worked hard to reach their academic goals to be able to attend this great adventure.


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