Choose Success

The Choose Success Program began during the 2004-2005 school year as a means of providing students with opportunities to give back to their peers and their communities. Students apply for grant funds to develop and implement projects to meet needs in their communities. The impact of their participation is significant:

  • Students are able to gain insight into the needs of their communities and develop strategies to address those needs.
  • Students develop leadership and critical-thinking skills as they go through the process of applying for funding, designing and implementing projects, and documenting (photos, Powerpoint, film, etc.) those projects.
  • Students develop critical team-building skills as they work together to complete their projects.
  • The community is positively impacted.
  • Students understand that regardless of their social or economic circumstances, they can lend their time and talents to impact others.
The Choose Success Program concludes with an awards ceremony, usually in late-April or early May. The ceremony has three main purposes: 1) celebrating students for making a difference in their communities through their service projects; 2) recognizing individual students who have made significant improvements in school; 3) and providing stakeholders with an opportunity to understand the impact that CIS of Atlanta has on the lives of young people.

Past awards ceremony speakers and celebrity award presenters have included:
  • Ceasar Mitchell, Atlanta City Council (2009)
  • Atlanta Falcon's Cheerleaders (2009)
  • NFL Legend, Billy "White Shoes" Johnson (2010)
  • Latreesa Cunningham, USA Volleyball Team (2010)
  • Rushia Brown, WNBA All-Star (2010)
  • Jonathan Babineaux, Atlanta Falcons (2012)

The three top-scoring projects receive a trophy for their school, and the top-scoring individual students win a trophy and prize package. Prize packages have included the following in past years:

    Gift cards from popular retailers
    Cartoon Network school supplies and gifts
Every service project participant and individual award nominee receives a certificate and a Choose Success t-shirt in recognition of their hard work and commitment. Everyone is a winner!

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